Amir Gharehgozli

Amir Gharehgozli
Assistant Professor
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Amir Gharehgozli is an Industrial Engineer with a PhD in Technology and Operations Management from Rotterdam School of Management. His research interests are the applications of Management and Decision Sciences in Supply Chain Management, Technology and Operations Management, Information Systems, Facility and Distribution Logistics, and Production Planning; in particular, studying recent innovations and technological advancements in these areas. His research findings have been published in highly scientific journals including TS, EJOR, Interfaces, IJPR, MEL, and MPM. He is the associate editor of MPM, the flagship journal of international shipping and port research and also reviews for top tier journals such as TS, Networks, EJOR, NRL, JORS, and COR. He has had the opportunity to put theory into practice by working in ING Bank and consulting in different industry projects in close collaboration with Port Authorities and Supply Chain and Logistics companies.


PhD (2012) in Technology and Operations Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Rotterdam, Netherlands, “Developing New Methods for Efficient Container Stacking Operations”

MSc (2008) in Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, “Proposing a Hierarchical Production Planning Model for Combined MTS/MTO Environments”.

BSc (2005) in Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Teheran, Iran.

Published papers

  • Gharehgozli, A. H., F. G. Vernooij, N. Zaerpour. 2017. A Simulation Study of the Performance of Twin Automated Stacking Cranes at a Seaport Container Terminal. European Journal of Operational Research. 261(1): 108-128.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., Y. Yu, X. Zhang, R. de Koster. 2017. Polynomial Time algorithms to Minimize Total Travel Time in a Two-Depot AS/RS. Transportation Science. 55(1): 19-33.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., R. de Koster, R. Jansen. 2017. Collaborative Solutions for Inter Terminal Transport. International Journal of Production Research. Forthcoming.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., E. Iakovou, Y Chang, R. Swaney. 2017. The Critical Role of Food Trans- port in Today’s Global E-Food Supply Chain. Research in Transportation Business & Management. Forthcoming.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., J. Mileski, O. Duru. 2017. Heuristic Estimation of Container Stacking and Reshuffling Operations under the Containership Delay Factor and Mega-Ship Challenge. Maritime Policy and Management. 44(3): 373-391.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., J. Mileski, A. Adams, W. von Zharen. 2017. Evaluating a “Wicked Problem”: A Conceptual Framework on Seaport Resiliency in the Event of Weather Disruptions. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 121: 65-75.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., D. Roy, R. de Koster. 2016. Sea Container Terminals: Recent Developments and OR Models. Maritime Economics and Logistics. 18(2): 103-140.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., G. Laporte, Y. Yu, R. de Koster. 2015. Scheduling Twin Yard Cranes in a Container Block. Transportation Science 49(3) 686–705.
  • Gorman M., J. P. Clarke, A. H. Gharehgozli, M. Hewitt, R. de Koster, D. Roy. 2014. State of the Practice: Application of OR/MS in Freight Transportation. Interfaces 44(6), 535–554.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., Y. Yu, R. de Koster, J. T. Udding. 2014. An Exact Method for Scheduling a Yard Crane. European Journal of Operational Research 235(2), 431–447.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., Y. Yu, R. de Koster, J. T. Udding. 2014. A Decision-Tree Stacking Heuristic for Large Scale Reshuffling Problems at a Container Yard. International Journal of Production Research 52(9), 2592–2611.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, N. Zaerpour. 2009. A Fuzzy-Mixed-Integer Goal Programming Model for a Parallel-Machine Scheduling Problem with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times and Release Dates. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 25(4–5), 853– 859.
  • Zaerpour N., M. Rabbani, A. H. Gharehgozli, R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam. 2009. A Comprehensive Decision Making Structure for Partitioning of Make-To-Order, Make-To-Stock and Hybrid Products. Soft Computing 13(11), 1035–1054.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., M. Rabbani, N. Zaerpour, J. Razmi. 2008. A Comprehensive Decision Making Structure for Acceptance/Rejection of Incoming Orders in Make-To-Order Environments. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 39(9–10), 1016–1032.
  • Zaerpour, N., M. Rabbani, A. H. Gharehgozli, R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam. 2008. Make-To-Order or Make-To-Stock Decision by a Novel Hybrid Approach. Advanced Engineering Informatics 22(2), 186–201.

Published books

  • Rabbani, M., A. Bahrehdar, A. H. Gharehgozli, N. Zaerpour, N. Manavi Zadeh. 2007. Productivity Management and Engineering. Iranian Association of Transport Engineering, Tehran.

Published peer reviewed conference papers

  • Adams, A., A. H. Gharehgozli, J. Mileski. 2016. Supply Chain Disruptions in the Cruise Line Industry, IAME 2016 proceedings, Hamburg, Germany, August, 2016.
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., H. de Vries, S. Decrauw. 2016. Studying the Impact of Standardisation on Intermodal Transportation performance. IAME 2016 proceedings, Hamburg, Germany, August, 2016.
  • Zaerpour N., M. Rabbani, A. H. Gharehgozli. 2007. A Novel Multi Criteria Decision Making Framework for Production Strategy Adoption Considering Interrelations. OR 2007, 497–502.

Professional publications

  • Gharehgozli, A. H. 2017. Container Stacking Approaches. The Journal of Ports and Terminals. Port Technology International, Edition 74: AI & Automation. [Link]
  • Gharehgozli, A. H., J. Mileski, L. Waterworth. 2017. Rx for Port Project Support. Journal of Commerce. [Link]
  • Adams, A., A. H. Gharehgozli, J. Mileski. 2016. Managing Disruptions in Cruise Ship Supply Chains. The Maritime Economist.
  • Interview with Bard van de Weijer, TomTom voor havenkraan zoekt kortste route naar wal of schip, De Volkskrant, Maandag, 1 July 2013, page 17.

Editorial Memberships

  • Maritime Policy and Management: associate editor.
  • Maritime Economist: associate editor.

Recent Awards and Grants

  • 2017, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada’s funding agency. Principle Investigator in the “Green Shipping: Governance and Innovation of a sustainable Maritime Supply Chain” project, a partnership between Texas A&M University and University of British Columbia.
  • 2017, Expenditures under Texas Comprehensive Research Fund (TCRF). Principle Investigator in the “Studying the Factors Impacting Ship Safety” project.
  • 2017, Mooney Travel Grant. Awarded to, my graduate student, Thompson Ware to attend IAME 2017 in Kyoto, Japan to present his paper entitled “Does the Size Matter? The Optimization of Data Interval Sizes to Forecast Future Freight Rate”
  • 2017, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Houston Roundtable Award. My graduate student, Thompson Ware, won the second place award in the CSCMP Houston Roundtable student competition.


  • MARA 640 – Global Logistics
  • MARA 650 – Supply Chain Management
  • MARA 670 – Coastal and Inland Waterways Transportation – Policy, Strategy and Management
  • MARA 685 – Directed Studies
  • MARA 664 – Production, Operations, and Logistics Management
  • MARA 450 – Maritime Supply Chain Management