Curriculum (MARA)

Maritime Administration Curriculum 


This curriculum is designed to prepare the graduate for administrative work in marine and maritime industries and/or governmental organizations involved in coastal, marine and maritime activities. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in management, finance, business analysis, accounting, and economics. This business and administrative curriculum integrates courses that specialize in marine and maritime activities such as port operations, brokerage and chartering, maritime law and inland waterways.

Students may elect to choose courses to obtain a Financial Management or Operations Management track. A minor in economics may be obtained (see electives).


Fall Semester


American History Requirement ‡

KINE 198

Health and Fitness Activity

MARA 205

Introduction to Ships and Shipping †

MATH 141

Business Math I

POLS 206

American National Government

Spring Semester

ENGL 104

Composition and Rhetoric


American History Requirement ‡

MARA 250

Management Information Systems †

MATH 142

Business Math II

Elective in Science §

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Fall Semester

ACCT 229

Introduction to Accounting †

ECON 202

Principles of Economics †

ENGL 203

Introduction to Literature

MARA 301

Ocean Transportation I †


Elective in Science §

Spring Semester

ACCT 230

Introduction to Accounting †

ECON 203

Principles of Economics †

MARA 212

Business Law †

MARA 281

Seminar in Undergraduate Research Methods †

MARA 304

Ocean Transportation II †

POLS 207

State and Local Government

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Fall Semester

INFO 303

Statistical Methods †

MARA 363

Management Process †

MKTG 321

Marketing †

Elective in MARA †Ñ

Elective in MARA †Ñ

Spring Semester

ENGL 301

Technical Writing

FINC 341

Business Finance †

INFO 364

Operations Management †

Elective in Humanities

Elective in MARA †Ñ

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Fall Semester

MARA 373

Human Resource Management †

MARA 421

Admiralty Law †

MARA 440

Global Economy and Enterprise Management †

Elective in MARA †Ñ

Elective (General)

Spring Semester

KINE 199

Required Physical Activity *

MARA 466

Strategic Management †

MGMT 481

Seminar in Management †

Elective in MARA †Ñ

Elective in MARA †Ñ

Elective (General)

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Note: All electives must be chosen in consultation with, and approved by, the student’s academic advisor. See University Core Curriculum for a listing of course options for humanities and social sciences electives. Students are advised that 6 credits in the degree must represent courses that satisfy University Core Curriculum requirements in international and cultural diversity. ENGL 222, ENGL 251, ENGL 339 and ENGL 374 may be taken in substitution for ENGL 203 (which is required in the curriculum) and also satisfies the international and cultural diversity requirement. All electives should be chosen in consultation with a student’s advisor.

* - Must be taken S/U.

-Indicates required courses in the Maritime Administration major. These courses will be used to compute the major GPR. At the time of graduation, a MARA major must have a GPR of $ 2.25 in their major. A MARA major must achieve a grade of “C” or better in ECON 202, ECON 203, ACCT 229, ACCT 230 and INFO 303 as a graduation requirement. These courses may be repeated as necessary to meet this requirement, and the requirement applies to courses taken at TAMUG or offered for transfer from other institutions.

-The American history requirement may be fulfilled by American history courses offered at TAMUG, including HIST 370, 442 or 444. See Core Curriculum.

§-Four credit hours in introductory biology, chemistry, physics, oceanography or geology, one credit hour which must be a laboratory.

¤-The total hours may be increased if the student is required to take remedial math, remedial English, foreign language or international and diverse cultures courses.

Ñ - MARA Electives: Students are required to complete 18 credit hours of MARA electives and may elect a financial management or operations management track:

Financial Management Track - Students electing a Financial Management Track should choose 6 from the following 7 courses: ACCT 315, ACCT 316, ECON 311, ECON 323, ECON 452, MARA 342 or MARA 424.

Operations Management Track - Students electing on Operations Management Track should register for all of the following 6 courses: INFO 336, MARA 401, MARA 402, MARA 416, MARA 450 and MARA 460.
Students not interested in either track should choose any 6 courses from either track giving consideration to required prerequisites.

To earn the economics minor, the student's elective hours must include ECON 311, ECON 323 and ECON 452. For additional requirements of the economics minor, please see the section below.

Minor in Economics

Students may elect a major in Maritime Administration with an Economics minor. To receive the Economics minor, the student must earn a "C" or better in 15 credit hours of economic study. Courses available in the MARA curriculum that satisfy this requirement are ECON 202, ECON 203, ECON 311, ECON 323 and ECON 452.

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