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Maritime Public Policy & Communication

Texas A&M University Galveston Campus is excited to offer a concentration in Maritime Public Policy & Communication (MPPC) within the University Studies major. The University Studies program allows students to combine areas of interest to reach their specific career or post-baccalaureate goals. Students chart their own course through the selection of a concentration and two minors. With an emphasis on the study of the dynamic areas of communication and public policy, MPPC prepares students for the unique challenges and opportunities of an increasingly globalized media, economy, culture, and society. It is for this reason that we refer to MPPC graduates as the new Architects of the Global Village.

Program Description

Dr. Victor Viser
Communication Professor
Assistant Department Head, Liberal Studies

Globalization is a constant in the 21st centuryhuman experience. For this reason, it is increasingly important to establish and maintain social, political, and messaging linkages – communication – between states, businesses, and communities. These transnational connections must first and foremost begin with an understanding of how public policymaking impacts not only local stakeholders (e.g., citizens, industry, and the host of sciences), but foreign governments and their interests as well. Furthermore, policymaking and policies do not function in a vacuum. Whether complex or simple, public policies are necessarily expressed through a variety of global communication systems that are, in turn, influenced by varied and often dynamic media technologies, reporting practices, laws, and ethics.

Maritime Public Policy & Communication (MPPC) links two important fields of professional opportunity – Public Policy and Communication. It uniquely synthesizes the study of maritime public policy/policymaking with the study of international and intercultural communication methods, laws and regulations, and activism. MPPC students will focus their plan of study within the Texas A&M University Galveston Campus Department of Liberal Studies (LIST), taking significant LIST coursework in public policy, political science, and communication.

In an
Information & digital technology convergence, driven at the speed of light via internet connectivity, the continual review, reassessment, and revision of public policy is influenced by not only its content but by the manner it is successfully, or unsuccessfully, communicated. This is particularly true when it comes to global policies that concern the planet and its resources, such as environmental policy, trade policy, military and refugee policy to name but a few. At the heart of modern governance is the fact that for most civil authorities, policy creation, revision, and messaging is a continuous communication process requiring expert skills.

With this
Interdisciplinary approach to maritime issuesin public policy and contemporary institutions and methods of global communication, MPPC provides students of good academic standing with skills important to gaining careers in such areas as government, politics, urban planning, business, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), policymaking, mass media, journalism, public relations, teaching, and national security. MPPC is particularly well-suited for preparing students for graduate and law schools.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (9 hours)

COMM 365/JOUR 365 International Communication (3)
POLS 232 Introduction to Public Policy (3)
POLS 340 Introduction to Public Administration (3)

Major Support Courses (choose 12 hours)

COMM 307/JOUR 301 Mass Communication, Law, and Society
COMM 449 Activism and Communication
PHIL 314 Environmental Ethics
POLS 231 Introduction to World Politics
POLS 347 Politics of Energy and the Environment
MARA 435 Labor Law and Policy
MARA 440W Global Economy and Enterprise Management
MARA 470 Environmental Law
MARS 432 Peak Oil, Global Warming and Resource Scarcity
MAST 336 Maritime Foreign Policy
MAST 441 Maritime Piracy
MAST/COMM 484 Undergraduate Internship

University Core Requirements

Communication COMM 203 (3)
Mathematics (6)
Life and physical sciences (9)
Language, philosophy & culture (3)
Creative arts (3)
Social and behavioral sciences (3)
American history (6)
Government/Political science POLS 206 & 207 (6)

Additional Graduation Requirements

Minor 1 (15-18)
Minor 2 (15-18)
General electives (21-27)

Total Semester Credit Hours: 120

Career Areas

Maritime Public Policy & Communication develops
skill-sets that help program graduates achieve
careers in a wide variety of areas associated with:

• Environmental policy
• Trade policy
• Refugee policy
• Military and diplomatic issues
• Commercial, institutional, and governmental communication
• Legal professions
• And, many others

Maritime Public Policy & Communication career
possibilities include:

• Public affairs
• Government (local, municipal, state, and federal)
• Urban planning
• National security and intelligence operations
• Business
• Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
• Politics and political campaigning
• Policymaking for commerce and government
• Lobbying
• Mass media, journalism, public relations
• Teaching
• Graduate and law schools

How to apply

1. Complete the application via by the April 1st deadline

2. Submit the $75 application fee


3. Submit Essays A & B

4. Send an official high schooltranscript with class rank directly from institution

5. Send SAT(6835) or ACT(6592) scores


3. Submit Essay A

4. Send an official high schooltranscript with class rank directlyfrom institution

5. Send all college/university transcripts

6. Once admitted, sign up for a New Student Conference to confirm your place at Texas A&M Galveston