Declaring or Changing Your Major

You have to choose or "declare" a major to graduate. But you may delay your choice if you are an "undeclared" major in the Department of Liberal Studies.

When should students choose a major?

Declaring a major may be less urgent than most think. Only 1/4 to 1/3 of coursework is in a major; the rest is general and elective. Most students pick a major at the end of their first year; all students must declare a major upon completing 60 credits of coursework.

May students choose any major?

They may choose any major for which they are qualified. Each major has its own entrance requirements--it may specify a minimum GPA and a list of courses that must already have taken. Some majors may be restricted or closed.

How do students change their major at TAMUG

As long as they meet its requirements, changing to a new major on the Galveston campus is a routine bookkeeping transaction. Use the "Change of Curriculum" form located in the Admissions office.

How about changing to a major at the College Station campus?

Changing between campuses of Texas A&M is more complicated. You must contact the department in College Station to seek enrollment. You must meet their requirements for GPA, courses, and deadlines. The academic dean of your desired college (major) decides whether they will accept you.

Will every course count toward the new major?

That depends. The credit for every course remains on your transcript; the grade counts too, as long as students stay within Texas A&M. Some courses may not fulfill any requirements. The department for the new major decides.

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