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Below is an explanation of the course descriptions.

Picking Courses

  • If you are leaning toward a major or a general field (e.g., science), use the list of courses in related curricula as your guide.
  • If you have no idea what your major might be, pick courses that satisfy the University Core Curriculum requirements listed at the start of the TAMUG catalog.
  • Ceck the full course descriptions at the end of the TAMUG catalog to make sure you have the pre-requisites to register for a course.
  • If you can't decide which of any two courses to sign up for, prefer the one that begins a course sequence or is the pre-requisite for courses you want to pick in later semesters.
  • Plan ahead. Some courses are offered only once a year or irregularly. Check last year's fall, spring and summer schedules; course offerings usually follow similar patterns from year to year.

Check with a faculty advisor if you have any questions.

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Typical First Semester Courses

Here is a list of courses typically taken by first-semester students. Be flexible: have back-up choices in mind. Even if you can't get the exact course or exact time you want, you can get a workable schedule. (Insider's advice: if you wait, you may be able to get into a previously closed course. Students drop sections during the first 4 class days; you may add a section during the first 5 days.


Course (credit)





HIST 105 (3)

Required for all degrees

HIST 106 (3)

Required for all degrees

POLS 206 (3)

Required for all degrees

POLS 207 (3)

Required for all degrees


ENGL 104 (3)

Research Writing

Computer Usage


CPSC 203 (3)

Fortran programming

MARS 250 (3)

Basic programming

Foreign Language

SPAN 101 (4)

Beginning Spanish




MATH 102 (3)

 College Algebra

MATH 150 (4)


MATH 151 (4)



MARS 101 (1)

Good survey for undecided students.

Physical Education

KINE 199 (1)

Required for all degrees, four classes


(8 credits required for all degrees)

BIOL 113/123 (4)

Intro to biology

CHEM 101 (4)

Intro to chemistry

GEOL 101 (4)

General geology

OCNG 251/252 (4)


PHYS 201 (4)

Lower-level physics

PHYS 218 (4)

Calculus-based physics

Hint: You can get first crack at next semester's courses if you take advantage of the opportunity to pre-register later in the semester.