A New Management Paradigm for Texas Beaches

1} Various Aspects of Beach Management -  Cleaning, Renourishment, Access, Health and Safety

2} The Paradigm Shift: Easements and Access -  Cancellation of a Beach Renourishment Project for Lack of Easements 

3} Beach Management Paradigms Have Shifted Many Times - How America Has Historically Viewed and Used Its Beaches

4} Stuck 'Tween a Rock and a Hard Place - Protecting the Public's Right to Access vs Private Property Owners' Rights

5} To Austin in Search of Answers: Part I - Definitions and Discussions of "Rolling Easements" and "Avulsion"

6} The Legislative Wheels Begin to Turn - Discussion with Legislators on Historical Precedence and Compliance with Current Local Ordinances

7} Beach Management in Other Coastal States - The Public Trust Doctrine and Oregon Beaches Act

8} Different Beach Management, but the Same Issues - Maine Beach Management Practices Are Very Different from Texas

9} Looking for the Silver Bullet in Beach Management - The Coastal Zone Management Act and the Coastal States Organization

10} Keep an Open Mind When It Comes to Texas Beaches - Rolling vs Static Easement Discussion

11} Floodgate of Questions and Check Valves - Beach Management Issues in North Carolina and California

12} Living Beach Management Every Day - Beach Managers Chime In Along the Texas Coast

13} Where Homeowners Stand on Beach Management - West Galveston Island Homeowners Have Recommendations to Protect Their Property

14} Connecting the Dots Between the Ike Dike and Severance Case - Lack of Connection Between the Two Is Not an Issue

15} Consensus Must Be the SIlver Bullet in Beach Management - Looking for a Coastwide Set of Solutions

16} Wrapping Up Some Issues with Beach Management - We Have Made Progress But We Have a Long Way to Go

17} Sustainability is silver bullet for Texas coast - The concept of sustainability is a systems approach to protection of natural resources

18} The Severance Case is settled----Or is it?