The Water Future of Texas (2012 Series)

1. End of the Serving Line, Aquatically Speaking: "Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over, " Mark Twain

2. How the Island Makes the Water Flow: Few incentives Galveston can offer to encourage residents to conserve water.The Water Future Of Texas

3. Examining the True Cost of Water: The 2012 plan includes a recommendation to develop  26 major reservoirs.

4. When Rice was King: Rice canals incorporated into the Gulf Coast Water Authority.

5. Canal Companies were Visionaries: Water in western states is governed by the prior appropriation doctrine

6. Subsurface Work Brings Surprises:  "The Case of the Combustible Water Supply."

7. Do You Know About the Subsidence District? Chicot and Evangeline, not names of great familiarity.

8. The Reservior was Ahead of its Time: The creation of the reservoir helped slow the effects of subsidence.

9. Tune In, There is Good News Tonight: Our drinking water future at the end of the serving line looks pretty good.

10. Trinity, A Prime Source of Water: The Trinity River a "mythological river of death."

11. The Water World Flowing to Big D: A Coastal Canal that would extend from the Sabine to the Rio Grande.

12. They Really Made Believer Out of Them: The Lawn Whisperer, "Only you can conserve."

13. A Look at the Edwards Aquifer: The Edwards Aquifer epitomizes Mark Twain's pronouncement.

14. There's Something Fishy in San Antonio: The rule of capture governs the taking of groundwater.

15. On to Vegas with a Stop in El Paso: El Paso has crossed new frontiers for water resource management in Texas.

16. The Other Liquid that Flows in Las Vegas: Groundwater banking allows the authority to store water for future use.

17. Nevada Using "Smart" Water Program: The Water Smart program provides rebates to property owners.

18. Still Questions about Our Water Future: Are the residents of Galveston County ready to take it upon themselves to conserve our water resources?