About The Authors

Linton and Roper

Chris O’Shea Roper and Tom Linton have collaborated on a number of writing and editing projects, including a book based on a series of articles for The Galveston Daily News entitled How the Parks of Galveston County Got Their Names, which Tom wrote in 2010. 

The authors have collaborated on a series of articles and white paper published in 2012 entitled “A New Management Paradigm for Texas Beaches” which has established a forward-looking dialogue among public entities, nonprofit organizations, and individuals concerning some of the steps that can and must be taken to ensure public access to Texas beaches.  The white paper was presented to members of the 2013 legislature as they debated clarifying language for the Open Beaches Act.

A new series of articles entitled “Water: We Need It and It Needs Us” has appeared in five coastal newspapers, including The Galveston Daily News, and brings home both issues and potential solutions in the ongoing battle for water in the state of Texas. 

Tom is a professor emeritus with Texas A&M and guest lecturer at TAMUG in Marine Sciences.  Chris is a free-lance writer/editor and Master Naturalist with a certification in wetlands management and water quality.  Both are members of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association.

All articles can be found on this website under “Articles and White Papers”.