Collection Development Policy

Library Collection Development Policy

Jack K. Williams Library, Texas A&M University at Galveston

Revised Apr 2010


  • PURPOSE OF THE LIBRARY.    The Jack K. Williams Library supports the mission of Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) by providing access to services and collections in various formats to meet the curriculum, research, professional, intellectual, creative and personal needs of the TAMUG community and other information seekers. The Library will provide excellent facilities, user satisfaction, security, and the best possible collection to support diverse interests and emphasize marine and maritime studies.
  • PURPOSE OF THE COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY.  The purpose of the Collection Development Policy is to serve as a policy guideline to achieve consistent excellence in the choice of library materials and in maintaining an excellent collection.  This policy will be supported by Library procedures which ensure that routine activities are consistent with this policy.


  • LIBRARY DIRECTOR.   The Library Director has final responsibility, as delegated by the Chief Executive Officer for TAMUG, for the maintenance and development of the Library Collection, facilities and services. The Library faculty, including the Director, selects new titles to be added to the Collection.
  • ACADEMIC FACULTY.   The Academic Faculty shall participate in the selection process in recommending titles to support the courses they teach, and titles within their areas of expertise, and through the Library Committee to recommend the overall subject and development of the Collection.  Recommendations by faculty shall be welcomed and solicited.
  • STUDENTS AND STAFF.  Student and Staff recommendations for the purchase of materials shall likewise be welcomed and solicited.


  • CURRENT VS RETROSPECTIVE. Both current and retrospective materials are essential to the needs of the academic community. Materials available electronically and interlibrary loans will provide access to the holdings of other libraries for out-of-print items and materials not supported by Williams Library holdings.
  • GENERAL VS. SPECIALIZED.  Access to general journals will be provided predominantly by materials available via the Texas A&M University Libraries in an electronic format and limited specific acquisitions of the Jack K. Williams Library.  Purchases of TAMU Galveston journals will be predominantly in marine and maritime areas and only journals that receive significant utilization.
  • Monograph selection will be determined through budget allocations to TAMUG academic departments and selection of material by librarians.
  • Emerging technologies will be used as appropriate to supplement the collection.
  • TEXTBOOKS.  As a rule, the Library will not purchase textbooks adopted as required texts for any given course. Some textbooks, however, are valuable as reference and research works in their own right.   They will be obtained in accordance with the acquisition policy.
  • UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS.  The Library manages selected University archival materials as specified in the University’s Records Retention Schedule.  The Retention Schedule used by the University is a listing of records and record series commonly found in the workplace and the minimum length of time these items must be retained in order to comply with state or federal laws, statutes, judicial rulings, TAMU System rules, or recognized industry practice.
  • POPULAR FICTION AND NON-FICTION.   The library encourages leisure reading.  However, acquisition of leisure material assumes a low-level priority.
  • RESEARCH MATERIALS.  The top priority of library development is support of the curricula at the undergraduate and graduate level. Materials necessary to support student and faculty research in their fields of study shall assume a secondary priority.
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE MATERIALS.   Materials published in languages other than English will be purchased as necessary to support the teaching curricula.
  • MEDIA COLLECTION.   The Library currently houses a diverse collection of media.  The Library acquires a limited number of media titles with an emphasis on supporting the teaching and research curricula.  A small number of titles are acquired for recreational usage.
  • EQUIPMENT.  The Library will acquire appropriate technology to support the mission.
  • LOCAL HISTORY.  Selected titles in local history will be acquired, particularly if they are in marine and maritime subject areas.


  • MAPS.  Since the Library Collection serves a marine and maritime institution, maps, charts, atlases and gazetteers are important.  The Library does not attempt to acquire the most up to date materials for current navigational application, but maintains a representative set of materials to support the teaching program at TAMUG.
  • WEEDING.   Materials that no longer contribute to the collection will be discarded.  These materials will be disposed of legally, ethically, and appropriately.

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