Using TTVN

TTVN is the enterprise data and interactive communications network that serves the eleven university campuses, the Health Science Center, and seven research and service agencies of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS). The network also serves numerous affiliated colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, and state agencies throughout Texas. The core TTVN network consists of over 100 primary wide area network sites and more than 275 videoconference sites.

Services offered via TTVN:
  • Videoconferencing with other Texas A&M and UT organizations
  • Graduate and undergraduate coursework
  • Dialup connections via TAMU College Station
  • Downlink connections via TAMU College Station
See The Current Schedule

TTVN Homepage
Scheduling Reservations  
Regina-DeLao Daniels (409) 740-4838
TTVN Scheduling (979) 862-2240
Connection and Technical Assistance
For immediate classroom assistance call the Front Desk at (409) 740-4714.

If your TTVN session has not started at the scheduled time or if you wish to extend the session please contact:
TTVN Video Operations Technical Assistance (979) 862 2241.

TTVN Classrooms TTVN Site ID
Library Conference Room GVL113
CLB 112 GVC112
OCSB 200 GVO200
OCSB 340 GVO340
Research & Graduate Studies Office GVSRES
SAGC Conference Room 601 - Mobile Unit GVSMOB
For the Mobile Unit please make reservations via email to We will have it setup in your designated meeting area.