MART (Marine Transportation)


Authoritative source for worldwide business and management information. Almost 2000 journals and periodicals indexed/abstracted; almost half full text/page image. Updates daily.

ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry

The latest industry news, product and competitive information, marketing trends, and a wide variety of other topics. Search more than 750 business periodicals and newsletters with a trade or industry focus. Contains publications on every major industry, including finance, insurance, transportation, construction, and many more.

American Shipper Magazine (Password here)

American Shipper magazine was first published under that name in May 1974 and is designed to serve the information needs of shippers, carriers and third parties involved in international transportation and for executives managing international logistics and supply chains.

FairPlay 24

The old Fairplay 24 website has been merged into Sea-Web.

  • See IHS Maritime Digital Editions to browse digital copies of Fairplay magazine.
  • Some content has been moved to IHS Maritime 360 (free).
  • Other content has moved to Sea-Web (requires login). Search “News & Analysis Archive”.

IHS Maritime 360 (free; some links may require Sea-Web login)

IHS Maritime Digital Editions (Password here)

Online versions of IHS Maritime magazines: IHS Maritime Fairplay, IHS Maritime Technology, IHS Safety at Sea, and IHS Dredging and Port Construction.

ISL Shipping Statistics & Marketing Review (Password here)

The ISL library is one of the largest libraries in the sectors of shipping economics, transport and logistics worldwide. As a central information spot, it has international literature and economic data at its disposal to shipping and ports, shipbuilding and supply industry, economy and commerce, transport and logistics as well as information and communications systems within logistics.

Lloyd's List (password here)

Global shipping news, analysis, and interpretation with focus on containers; dry cargo; tankers; ship and terminal operations; logistics and freight forwarding; regulation; piracy; technical development; environmental issues; and finance.

Maritime 360 (IHS)

Journal of Commerce (Password here)

Daily reports on finance, global trade, imports, exports, transportation, foreign investments and markets, logistics, energy, insurance and more--published by The Journal of Commerce. Licensed database of reports is searchable back to 1986.

Sea-Web (Password here)

Combines comprehensive ships, owners, shipbuilders, fixtures, casualties, port state control, ISM and real-time ship movements data and ports information into a single application. Sea-Web now incorporates all content from Internet Ships Register.

Shipfinder Online (Password here)

Shipfinder Online is an exclusive web service designed to provide Register of Ships subscribers with the latest information on selected key fields

List of Shipowners & Managers (Password here)

The Shipowner Online web service provides List of Shipowners & Managers subscribers with the latest information on selected key fields.