Importing Resources Into E-Learning

If you wish to use any of the handout, tutorial, video or assignment resources on this website you will need to right click the resource and save it to your computer or the T drive. When you are ready to upload the resource into your e-learning class please follow the instructions below:

You can get files from another location and add them to your current location in My Files. 
  1. In My Files, navigate to the location to which you want to add files.
  2. Click Get Files. The Content Browser pop-up window appears.
  3. Locate and select the files you want to get. For more information, see Navigating with Content Browser
You can use My Files to create and store your personal files. Each user has their own My Files that is always private and cannot be accessed by other users.

You can use My Files for the following tasks:

Locating and Viewing Files and Folders

To locate and view files and folders, you use the folder tree in the left frame and the list view in the content display area at the center of the screen. The breadcrumbs, at the top of the screen, display your current location in the course.

To preview files, you click their titles. You can also set the number of items listed on one page, sort by a column, or filter by file type.

Creating and Editing Files and Folders
You can create and edit HTML files and organize them in folders. You can also rename files and folders. Files in My Files use a default character set selected by the administrator but you can declare unique character sets for individual files.
Managing Files and Folders
You can manage files and folders by copying, moving, downloading, zipping, and deleting them. You can also get files from another location, including your computer, and bring them to your current location.
Creating WebDAV Folders
You can use WebDAV (World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) folders to access and manage My Files files and folders from your computer without logging in to the Blackboard Learning System. Any changes you make in WebDAV folders are reflected in My Files folders. For more information about the WebDAV protocol, see