Kindle Policy



 List of items loaned:

 1] Kindle

2] USB Cable

3] Power Adapter

4] Cover

5] Carrying Case

6] Getting Started Guide

  • Kindle loan is 14 days; no renewal. If ten (10) days overdue, a $10 Late/Lost-Item
  • Processing Fee will be assessed.
  •  Borrower is responsible for repairs/replacement.
  • Return Kindle IN PERSON at JKW Williams Library Circulation Desk.

 Downloading FREE e-books to the Kindle

  • You can search for free downloadable e-books directly from the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX.
  • Select ‘Turn Wireless On’ if it is not already selected. On the Experimental screen
  • select ‘Basic Web.’
  • Press Menu and select ‘Enter URL’
  • Enter the web address and press the 5-way controller to go to the desired website
  • You can use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to navigate through the
  • pages of a website. Links are displayed as underlined words and can be selected
  • using the 5-way controller.
There are many websites where you can find free downloadable e-books. Here are a few:
  • Project Gutenberg:
  • Feedbooks:
  • Munseys:
  • World Public Library:

*Note: Once you have downloaded the books you want to read to the Kindle 2/DX

remember to turn the wireless feature off to help to extend the life of the battery.

Happy Reading!

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