Acquisitions Policy

Library Acquisitions Guidelines

February 18, 2012
Acquisitions Guidelines
Jack K. Williams Library

Collection Budget:
Library funds designated for collection enhancement are broken into three categories: print books,
continuing electronic resources (electronic journals and databases), and new electronic resources.
The Jack K. Williams Library does not allocate a set amount of funds to a specific academic department
to spend on library materials. We provide sufficient funds to support all faculty requests for print books.
Due to the escalating costs of electronic resources (databases and electronic journals), library personnel
work with Academic Department Heads to prioritize the purchase of the existing and new resources.

Print Book Purchases:
The Jack K. Williams Library maintains a database of all book requests which we use track all requests
and purchases. Most requests are received from faculty with an occasional request from students. Staff
librarians also recommend new purchases.
Technical Services personnel check the Voyager Integrated Library System to determine if the requested
book is already owned in print or electronic format.
If the requested book is not owned by the Jack K. Williams Library then the item is typically purchased.
The Library Director is the final approver for all purchases.

Currently the library enhances its collection with e-books by taking advantage of e-book package
purchases made by TAMU Libraries in College Station that the TAMUG Library has access to at no cost
to the library.