Request a Kindle

The Jack K. Williams Library offers Amazon Kindle e-book readers for checkout to TAMUG students, faculty and staff. The Kindles have 6" E-Ink "Electronic Paper" reading screens and come with protective covers, carrying cases and USB charger/cables.

The loan period is 14 days with no renewals.

When requesting a Kindle, you may also request a book from Amazon that the Library will purchase and load on the Kindle.  

(However, requesting a book with the Kindle is not necessary, for once you have the Kindle, there are many free books--classics and other public domain, copyright-free books available. You may also purchase your own book for loading on the Kindle. These personal purchases will be deleted once the Kindle is returned). 

You will be contacted when the Kindle is ready to be checked out.   

To learn more about the Kindle go to our Policy or to