About Lacrosse


Lacrosse, often called the fastest game on two feet, has been a popular team sport in the Americas for over 900 years. First played by thousands of Native Americans on fields over a mile long, it has since been refined to what people know today.

Played by 10 men on two opposing teams, the objective is to score on your opponent's goal. A small rubber ball is cradled, passed, and shot using a lacrosse stick, with a head strung with mesh. Sticks vary in length depending on position, and the way the head is strung is personal preference.

Much like soccer, there are 4 positions: attack, midfield(middie), defense, and a goalkeeper. Attackmen must remain on the offensive side of the field, defensemen on the defensive side of the field, while middies have free range. Whether attacking or defending, the game is always played 6 on 6, except in the case of penalties. The goalie has a 6ft x 6ft cage to protect, which is surrounded by a "crease", or a circle with an 18ft diameter in which only defensive players are allowed.

For more rules and regulations, please follow this link to the NCAA Men's Lacrosse page.