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FEMA Texas FloodThe Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities (ISCC) is a joint initiative between the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University (TAMU) and Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG). The institute can help prepare coastal communities absorb, adapt and respond to disturbance such as hazardous events, hurricanes, coastal storms and flooding. The institute acts as a living laboratory to attract and leverage research activities of multiple centers on Texas A&M campuses in College Station and Galveston, while connecting with coastal community leaders and stakeholders about their roles in creating a resilient community.  

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Understanding the problem  

Increasing population growth and development in coastal areas worldwide is affecting both ecological systems and human communities. Development on the coast can adversely affect sensitive natural resources like wetlands. In turn, coastal developments are increasingly vulnerable to storm and there is an urgent need for their protection.  

Protecting people and coasts  

Protecting people and coasts requires knowledge and power. The Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities is delivering the power of research, teaching, and public outreach. The institute works toward protecting the built environment as well as coastal systems by integrating research, teaching, and public outreach through the following:  

·        Sharing research findings with community decision makers, residents, and interested parties.  

·        Fostering community participation in understanding coastal issues.  

·        Providing knowledge that will help decision makers reduce hurricane/storm impact.  

·        Offering information that will increase the ability of communities to recover after storms.  

·        Provide knowledge about protect coastal natural resources and vulnerable populations.  

For more information, contact Dr. Sam Brody, ISCC Director at Galveston or Dr. Phil Berke, ISCC Director at College Station.