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Community Outreach

Resources for Communities

A core principle of the Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities is to serve society. One of the main goals is to encourage and support Texas A&M students and faculty to assist communities through an active outreach program. We carry out this goal in several ways:

    • The Texas Target Cities program is housed within the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University at College Station. Texas Target Cities helps communities which are lacking resources and expertise to resolve issues critical to their future.
    • Each year a city in Texas is selected. The program provides Texans with valuable assistance in city planning while serving as a "real world" laboratory for students.
    • The Coastal Atlas is a Coastal Atlasdetailed and comprehensive web-based program providing information for anyone wanting to know more about the Texas coast. In 2013, it is the most comprehensive online, interactive database ever compiled about the Texas coast.
    • Serving as a central access point for all geographic data related to twenty-nine coastal counties in Texas, the Atlas offers comprehensive information about every area of the Texas coast down not only to the city block, but also to an individual house or lot on that block
    • Beyond the Basics is an easy to use, best practices guide designed to help local governments prepare a new, or update an existing, hazard mitigation plan.  It is based largely on FEMA’s Local Mitigation Planning Handbook (2013), but features additional examples of best practices drawn from local hazard mitigation plans in the U.S. 
    • Beyond the Basics focuses on Nine Tasks to analyze and identify the best practices for local mitigation plans. These Nine Tasks will focus on six main Emergency Management concepts: Mitigation, Prevention, Protection, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.