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Educational Opportunities

Study-Away at TAMUG

Students who have an interest in coastal environmental planning issues and are enrolled in the Bachelor’s program for Urban and Regional Science at Texas A&M in College Station have  opportunities to take Ocean and Coastal Resources courses in the Department of Marine Sciences at Texas A&M at Galveston.

Study-Away students will spend a semester living and studying in an immersive coastal setting. Study at the TAMUG coastal campus may be combined with an internship with public and private agencies and organizations.

Urban Planning Master’s Coastal “Track” 

The Coastal “Track” prepares students to obtain knowledge and skill-sets necessary to address complex, interdisciplinary problems facing coastal regions. The program is an emphasis area within the Master’s of Planning (MUP) program based on the College Station campus.  Students electing this track take courses at both the College Station and Galveston campuses Students are exposed to both natural and social science knowledge bases.  Topics include critical habitat protection; ecosystem planning; climate change; hazard mitigation and sustainable development.  This track can include a semester spent in residence at the Galveston campus, where students are immersed in a coastal/marine setting.

Coastal “Node”Doctoral Program

Students enrolled in the Urban and Regional Science doctoral program have the opportunity to focus on coastal issues during their coursework and doctoral research.  Students in this node can conduct their research at ISCC facilities with selected faculty.

Marine Resources Management Master’s Program

Students in the Marine Resource Management program that focus on coastal/marine planning and development issues can take courses on related topics, both at Galveston and College Station campuses.  Students with this focus may have the opportunity to work on research projects in the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores