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Our Mission    

Information Services has a major role in the successful functioning of Texas A&M University at Galveston. We are involved in every aspect of the teaching, learning and business functions of the institution.

The following lists some general guidelines for our interaction with the community (students, faculty, and staff). These expectations I hold for myself and for the staff. 

  • We must have a strong commitment to our customers by providing excellent service.
  • We must be courteous to and considerate of the general university population and of our coworkers.
  • We must treat each individual with dignity and respect.
  • We must be dependable and responsible in the use of work time.
  • We must use information and technology resources available to us with integrity.

I welcome discussion of any topic regarding the management of the Information Services department and our role at the University.

John Kovacevich
Director of Information Services
Texas A&M University at Galveston


If you have any concerns, complaints or compliments we would be happy to hear them. Please call the Helpdesk at extension x4714 or (409) 740-4714. If you would like to contact us by email, email us at If you would like to talk to us in person, drop by the office located in CLB (Building 3007) in room 115.

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IS Responsibilities    

For better support, IS tracks and logs our helpdesk calls. It is recommended you call the helpdesk at (409) 740-4714 or email helpdesk at Once your problem is logged into our system, the appropriate staff member will look into your request and will follow up with you. 

If you have any special needs or projects that fall outside of the services listed, feel free to contact us via email or phone. Our frontdesk staff will direct your request to the appropriate staff member who will get in touch with you. 

If you put in a call that isn't resolved at the end of three working days or you do not hear from us, please give us a call 409-740-4714 to follow up.