Lightboard (in progress)

The Hypermedia lab is working on creating their very own lightboard. A lightboard is a very useful presentation tool that allows video presenters to write on the board and still be seen through it. This is great for anyone who wants to have a personal connection with an audience while still being able to actively communicate information in a visual manner.

Audio Room

The Hypermedia lab, in collaboration with Rudder Radio, have put together a great space for recording. The audio room is sound proofed and is treated for acoustics to help produce clean, professional audio tracks. There are 2 audio editing stations with additional access to microphones and required software.


Film Festival

In the Spring of 2017 the Hypermedia lab hosted a themed film festival in an attempt to showcase student films. The festival includes films produced by students and also professionally produced films. The Hypermedia Lab invites any students or faculty to submit their films for the film festival.