How Hypermedia Learning Consultants Help

The Hypermedia Lab offers complimentary, peer-to-peer media and presentation counseling for all TAMUG students. Our counselors are fellow students who contribute specialized knowledge from diverse majors and who have exceptional experience with media technology and presentation skills. We offer 30-minute sessions, that can be used for a multitude of needs for each student and can accommodate group projects. Our expertise encompasses the creation and presentation of multimedia projects, which includes storyboarding, filming, presentation coaching, video/audio editing, software/hardware tutorials, and script writing. We strive to give as much assistance as we can for any media project that a student may need. We have equipment and software that students may use to create their projects. The Hypermedia Lab hopes to enhance and encourage the usage of media in the classroom and in everyday life. For an appointment, please sign up for a time on TutorTrac.