Career Development

Hypermedia Lab Consultants develop skills they can take beyond the university and into the workplace.

  • Interpersonal skills: Our consultants learn how to listen to others, ask questions, and give constructive criticism to their peers. They have to adapt to different learning styles and work with students to communicate with them in a way that they understand. They have learned the value of feedback when working with multimedia projects.
  • Multimedia skills: Consultants have to know many different ways to help their peers as no media project is the same. They know what equipment and software to use to complete projects efficiently and effectively. They know how to edit video and audio, film, storyboard, give presentations, and are able to troubleshoot hardware and software problems.
  • Thinking skills: Consultants have to think creatively and critically.They are able to organize their thoughts and information.  They have to learn to treat each project differently as the subjects covered are encompassing.
  • Adaptation skills: Our consultants learn how to adapt to any situation that they encounter. Every project is different and our consultants know how to shift gears to give their peers the most useful information required.