Waterfront Operations - DIVE


Waterfront Operations

Supervisor Name & Title

Nancy Vidotto, Business Coordinator I

Phone Number


Email Address


Job Title

Student Worker

Hours/Days Needed

M-F 8am-5pm

Salary Per Hour


Description of Duties  & Responsibilities

  1. Promote, plan, organize and conduct diving activities alongside TAMUG Dive Program instructors

  2. Help classroom and water training activities flow smoothly by facilitating the instructor's tasks and assisting designated students

  3. Lab/Site preparation

  4. Pre-dive life support system checks

  5. Conduct field diagnosis and maintenance of life-support equipment

  6. Onsite prevention and resolution of problems

  7. Compressor oeprations and filling procedures

  8. Creating and maintenance of DIVE education records

Job Qualifications

  1. Divemaster Certification by Nationally recognized Agency

  2. Current medical

  3. First Aid/CPR/AED/Emergency Oxygen training

  4. Current DIVE Accident Insurance

  5. Own NAUI Standards and Procedures

  6. Possess superior knowledge of dive physics, medicine and DIVE planning

  7. Ability to use DIVE tables

  8. Ability to be aboard vessels for multiple hours

Work-Study Preference

Not required

Location and Room No.

Bldg. 3003, Room 113

How to Apply

Apply in person with completed Student Worker Application Form.