Marine Transportation - MART



Supervisor Name & Title

CPT Herbert Walling, Assistant Professor

Phone Number


Email Address     

Job Title

Student Technician

Hours/Days Needed

4 hours per week as determined

Salary Per Hour


Description of Duties  & Responsibilities

This position is associated with MART 303 /  Seamanship II, specifically with the 'Writing Intensive' requirements of the course.  The Student Technician will be required to read and critically evaluate papers with regard to paragraph & sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.  Over the semester, there will be three (3) papers , each will be five to six pages in length for a total of 36 students.

Job Qualifications

Successful candidate will be at least a Senior, preferably a Graduate Student.  Writing Lab experience is desired.

Work-Study Preference


Location and Room No.

Kirkham Hall (Bldg. 3001), Room 108

How to Apply

Apply in person with completed Student Worker Application Form, or email to above listed email address