Marine Biology - MARB


Marine Biology - MARB

Supervisor Name & Title

Gilbert T. Rowe, Professor

Phone Number

409 740 4847 or 979 229 2349

Email Address

Job Title

Student Technician

Hours/Days Needed

10-20 hours per week

Start Date

June 25, 2014

Salary Per Hour


Description of Duties  & Responsibilities

Sort deep-sea invertebrate fauna out of sediment core samples using a dissecting microscope. Categorize individual organisms according to their major taxonomic groups, under the supervision of faculty or graduate students.

Job Qualifications

Undergraduate science major (MARB, MARS, OCRE) who has taken freshman biology (BIO 12) and preferably who has taken invertebrate zoology (MARB

Work-Study Preference

Not Required

Location and Room No.

Ocean & Coastal Sciences (Bldg. 3029), Room 248 or 104

How to Apply

Apply in person with completed Student Worker Application Form