Marine Biology - MARB


Marine Biology - MARB

Supervisor Name & Title

Jaime Alvarado-Bremer, Associate Professor

Phone Number


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Job Title

Student Worker

Description of Duties  & Responsibilities

To setup and maintain sheepshead minnow (Cyprionodon variegatus) cultures at both the Wetlands Center Aquatic Husbandry laboratory and at the Sea Life Center. The applicant will capture, transport, quarantine, and maintain fish cultures (feeding, cleaning and set up reproduction trials), as well as the general maintenance of aquatic saltwater systems on a daily basis. Work will involve monitoring environmental water quality parameters (pH, DO, salinity, Temperature), replacing and setting up new plumbing systems and installing electronic devices to measure water parameters. 

Job Qualifications

The applicant should be familiar with aquatic husbandry techniques including maintaining recirculation saltwater systems. Previous experience on procedures necessary for the proper functioning of  mechanical, chemical and biological filtration is required. Familiarity with water repairing\replacing pumps and UV light systems, desirable. The applicant should demonstrate experience culturing and maintaining sheepshead minnow cultures, including the maintenance of broodstock and larval cultures, as well as those of Artemia, rotifer and algae. The applicants are expected to capture mature sheepshead minnow broodstock in the wild and sort them by gender. The student should be familiar with procedures associated with procedures that guarantee biosecurity and aquatic health.

Location and Room No.

Ocean & Coastal Sciences (Bldg. 3029), Room 247

How to Apply

Apply in person with completed Student Worker Application Form