General Academics - GACD


General Academics

Supervisor Name & Title

Dr. Stephen Curley

Phone Number


Email Address

Job Title

Student Worker

Hours/Days Needed

3-5  hours per week

Start Date

September 3, 2014

Salary Per Hour


Description of Duties  & Responsibilities

Show DVD movies one night each week to students enrolled in ENGL 251.

Job Qualifications

Ability to use standard classroom equipment (e.g., computer, DVD player, sound amplifier, projector, screen, lights). Ability to use DVD features (e.g., subtitles for movies in a foreign language). Ability to troubleshoot and remedy simple problems (e.g., adjusting sound volume, turning on all needed equipment, adjusting buttons or dials, re-connecting loose wires, unsticking the projection screen).  Ability to contact the computer center to fix resistant problems.  Ability to switch the showing to another classroom, if needed. 

Work-Study Preference

Not Required

Location and Room No.

Classroom Lab Bldg (CLB), Room 129

How to Apply

Apply in person with completed Student Worker Application Form