General Academics - Sailing



General Academics - GACD

Supervisor Name & Title

Cheryl Coleman

Phone Number


Email Address

Job Title

Beginning Sailing Instructor

Hours/Days Needed

  Wednesdays     9:30 - 11:030    and     Thursdays 10:00am - 12:00     (position can be shared by 2  assistants, one for Wed and one for Thu)

Salary Per Hour


Description of Duties & Responsibilities

Assist the sailing instructor in the management and safe supervision of the sailing classes.  This includes sailing with class members, checking weather, assisting with the basic instruction of "rules of the road", rigging, de-rigging, storage of gear, knots, operation of the motor boats and enforcing the Sailing Operations Procedures (available in Sailing Building) as they relate to the safety of sailors and equipment.

Job Qualifications

Have knowledge of and competent in sailing 420's with various sail combinations.  Be familiar with sailing operating procedures.  Have the knowledge and ability to operate the various motor boats used during the class.

Work-Study Preference

Not required

How to Apply

Apply in person with completed Student Employee Application. (Teichman Road Sailling Facility)