Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation for Non-Faculty Employees

The purpose of the annual performance evaluation process is to provide non-faculty employees with feedback to improve or maintain job performance, outline areas for development, set standards for the next review period, recognize job-related accomplishments, identify job performance deficiencies, and enhance communications and working relationships.

Non-faculty performance evaluation meetings are conducted annually between April 1st and May 31st.  During these meetings, employees will be evaluated on the basis of their job performance beginning April 1st the previous year for the 12 month period ending March 31st (see below).

Performance Evaluation table

Please ensure completion of the proper evaluation tool.  If you have any questions or require clarification in this regard, please contact the Human Resources Office at 409-740-4532.

Performance Evaluation Form - Under Director Level

Performance Evaluation Form - Director Level and Above  

While paper forms will be used to record performance evaluations for the past year, beginning with performance cycle 2014-2015 (April 1, 2014 thru March 31, 2015), non-faculty performance evaluations will be administered through the Portal Access for Total HR (PATH) online system.  In order to initiate this process, non-faculty employees and their supervisors will be required to log into PATH to perform the following actions as part of completing the 2013-2014 performance evaluation form (between April 1st and May 31st, 2014).  

  1. Position descriptions will need to be reviewed for accuracy through PATH first by the supervisor then the employee.  Instructions on how to access the system, review a position description, and update a position description can be found by clicking the links below (instructions are also included in the evaluation forms linked to above).

  2. A 2014-2015 performance plan will need to be entered into PATH by the supervisor then acknowledged by the employee. Instructions on how to access the performance management module, create the performance plan, acknowledge the performance plan, and document progress notes can be found by clicking the links below (instructions are also included in the evaluation forms linked to above).