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Wellness Program Events

January 7, 2013:  Bananna Wellness Initiative! 

The TAMUG Staff Council will kick off this year’s Wellness Program by personally handing out activity information. 

January Classes Begin-TBA


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The TAMUG Wellness Program is a voluntary program designed to improve the health and well-being of employees and reduce or eliminate problems affecting employee health and work productivity.  The objective of the Wellness Program is to provide supportive environment that encourages employees to adopt healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes that help improve job performance, increase work satisfaction, and reduce health care/insurance costs.

January Classes include:
• Bootcamp for those pushing their fitness limits.
• Zumba Dancing
• Line Dancing
• Qi Gong—the moving meditation, releases stress and encourages healing.
• Urban Farming—one time class on growing your own food, but it could morph into a series if we have enough people   interested. Want to raise chickens or rabbits?  Square foot gardening? 
• Using BAM—Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s tool to help members monitor their health.
• Reversing Diabetes


For further information, please contact your TAMUG Wellness Coordinator, Mary Bentz, bentzm@tamug.edu, x4061