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Prep Semester    

The Honors Prep Semester (HPS) is an opportunity open to incoming freshmen and transfer students to gain exposure to the rigor of an Honors course before full commitment to the Honors Program. During the HPS students will receive direct support through our Honors mentorship initiative Bigs and Littles with upperclassmen Honors students and small focus group check-points throughout the semester with the Honors Chair and Advisor.

Students who meet the eligibility of 1250 on SAT or 28 on ACT will receive information pertaining to an information session at their New Student Conference.

Continuing students who meet the required 3.5 TAMU GPA are not required to participate in HPS.

Participating students are required to:

  • take a course required by their major, just with the Honors designated section
  • pass the course with no less than a “C”
  • attend all focus group meetings
  • meet with Bigs throughout the semester
  • attend all regular Honors meetings (one per month of the semester)
  • achieve 3.5 TAMU GPA at the end of the HPS