• Course Contract:This form allows a student to take a non-Honors course and have a Honors aspect added to the course for Honors credit.
  • Course Contract Verification Form: This form is to filled out by the course contract granting professor after all assignments for the contract are completed. Failure to complete the form could delay receiving Honors credit for the course.  

Lambda Kappa Alpha

  • Community Service Verification Form: This form is used to verify community service hours for students participating in the Community Service Award.  
  • Honors Officer Application Form: Each Spring we elect officers for the upcoming year if you are interested in becoming an officer for the Lambda Kappa Alpha Honors Program please fill out this form and return it to the Honors Advisor.


Waivers forms need to be sent to NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASSES.

ALL forms must be filled out in their entirety, signed, and turned in to the Honors Advisor.

Any form that is not completed will be considered null and void.

Your Honors Advisor's office is located on the first floor of Hullabaloo Hall, office number 159.