Maritime Administration and Logistics

Approved in May of 2011, the Masters in Maritime Administration and Logistics (MMAL) degree is the newest graduate degree to be offered by Texas A&M University at Galveston. The curriculum prepares professionals for leadership positions in maritime transport and logistics in both the public and private sectors. The program builds on the highly successful undergraduate program in Maritime Administration.

 Who Should Apply?

This Maritime Administration and Logistics program is designed for individual professionals in such fields as port management, supply chain management, public policy as it relates to marine transport and the coastal zone, inland waterways, coastal shipping, and international trade and financial transactions. The curriculum has significant components in economics, finance, business analysis and management.

 Program Details

The Maritime Administration and Logistics program is a 36 hour degree. Twenty-one required hours constitute the core of the program. Fifteen additional hours are taken by students as electives according to their particular professional interests, in a thesis or non-thesis format. The Maritime Policy and Law track is designed for those seeking to enter public service and focuses on environmental stewardship in the public and private sectors.  The Shipping and Port Management track is intended for those more interested in the commercial side of the maritime industry. Students may also choose five electives that are not structurally part of either two tracks if they prefer. Students who opt to write a thesis will fulfill the requirement by using six of the fifteen elective credits toward original research for the thesis option degree. For more information, please consult the Texas A&M University at Galveston catalog at


Students are assumed to be familiar with the basic accounting, finance, intermediate statistics, microeconomics and the essential elements of the management process.  The concepts in these courses are central to the courses that compose the Maritime Administration and Logistics graduate program.  These courses are common to many curricula and are found on most 4-year campuses. If students enrolling in the graduate program are not familiar with the contents of these courses, they can consult the undergraduate curricula in Maritime Administration at



Core Courses: 7 courses (21 credits) to establish a foundation in the management of maritime enterprise


Course Title


MARA 610

International Strategic Planning and Implementation


MARA 623

Economic Issues in Shipping


MARA 641

Financial Management in Marine Transportation


MARA 627

Marketing of Transportation Services


MARA 624

Intermodal Transportation Operations


MARA 636

Managerial Decision Making


MARA 664

Production, Operations and Logistics Management


Shipping and Port Management Module (15 hours)

MARA 650

Distribution Logistics


MARA 652

Marine Transportation System Design and Policy


MARA 640

Global Logistics


MARA 616

Management of Port Facilities and Infrastructure


MARA 658

Port Design, Planning and Security


MARA 660

Risk Assessment and Marine Insurance


Maritime Policy and Law Module (15 hours)

MARA 670

Coastal and Inland Waterways Transportation – Policy, Strategy and Management


MARA 672

The Maritime Global Trading System


MARA 604

Marine Natural Resource Economics


MARS 620

International Environment Business Transactions


MARS 635

Environmental Impact Statements and NRDA


MARS 640

Environmental Administrative Law


MARS 660

Environmental Alternative Dispute Resolution


MARS 676

Environmental Policy


Thesis Option : Research Hours in Place of 6 hours of electives

MARA 691

Research in Maritime Administration



Required Application Credentials:

    • ApplyTexas application with essay
    • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
    • Official GMAT scores; less than 5 years old
    • Two letters of recommendation, either academic or professional
    • Professional résumé. 


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