Graduate Student Fellowships

Texas A&M University at Galveston

2-Year Competitive Graduate Student Fellowships

 Texas A&M University at Galveston 2-Year Competitive Graduate Student Fellowships were created to allow Faculty and program to compete effectively for high quality and diverse graduate students. Each year our top programs lose some of their best applicants to more competitive offers from peer or aspirant peer institutions, including students who have been offered traditionally competitive financial packages.

 The Texas A&M University at Galveston 2-Year Competitive Graduate Student Fellowships allow us to supplement our existing financial awards so that we can compete effectively in recruiting high-quality students. The Fellowships are also open to students who do not qualify for TAMU Merit and Diversity Fellowships (e.g., international students, students in TAMUG graduate programs, or students who applied too late to be considered for the Merit or Diversity awards).

 The Fellowships program is open to all TAMUG and TAMU research/thesis option Master’s and Doctoral students working on the TAMUG campus under the direct supervision of a Texas A&M University at Galveston Faculty member.  Awards will begin with new students admitted in Fall 2014.

 TAMUG 2-Year Competitive Graduate Student Fellowships

Students receiving this Fellowship will be funded for a total of two years. This will include salary, tuition & required fees, and fringe and medical benefits. The Fellowship will cover 7.5 months of salary per year. To promote engagement from TAMUG Departments and support professional development of graduate students, each awardee will be required to teach for one semester (fall or spring) for the duration of the Fellowship. The home department of the Faculty advisor must fund the 4.5 months of salary and fringe (spring or fall) per year per student recipient. This scholarship/fellowship will be awarded in the form of a 7.5 month Graduate Assistant-Research and a 4.5 month Graduate Assistant-Teaching position.

 Students awarded the Galveston 2-Year Competitive Graduate Student Fellowships program will have 24 months of tuitions and fees covered.

 A total of 6 Fellowships will be available on a rolling basis. Up to 3 Fellowships will be available for students who will begin graduate work in Fall 2014, and up to an additional 3 will be available for students beginning their graduate work in Fall 2015.

 The Fellowships will be awarded to students in their first two years of a graduate career with preference to two applicants meeting the qualifications for diversity Fellowships, two for merit Fellowships, and two for general Fellowships. If a student is nominated for a 2-Year Competitive Graduate Student Fellowship as well as the Merit or Diversity Fellowship (TAMU) or a TAMUG MARB IDP Fellowship and is chosen for both, the student may choose which he/she prefers but cannot use both.

 Doctoral Fellowships amount to ~$64,000-66,000 during the first two year period depending on the program and classification. This includes a $20,400 stipend paid per year, ~$9,000 per year tuition and fees for two years.

Master’s Fellowships amount to ~$60,000-62,000 during the first  two year period depending on the program and classification. This includes a $19,200 stipend paid per year, ~$9,000 per year tuition and fees for two years. This program is limited to outstanding students entering master’s thesis/research programs.

 The nomination process

Students will be nominated for the program during the initial screening of applications. Nominations will be made by the sponsoring Faculty advisor. The nomination also needs to include a letter from the Department Head demonstrating commitment that the home Department will cover one semester of salary and fringe each year over the two year duration of the Fellowship. Stipend support for the applicant’s GAT position cannot be drawn from the university GAT pool, this funding should be allocated from departmental resources.

 The pool should be primarily drawn from applicants who would be considered for Diversity and Merit Awards, although strong applicants who were not eligible or considered for those awards may be put forward as well. See the section on the nomination procedures for details on how to nominate a student.

 These nominations will be evaluated with particular reference to the:

● Applicant’s academic record.

● Applicant’s potential for improving the quality and diversity of the graduate population working directly under the supervision of Texas A&M University at Galveston Faculty.

● Mechanisms that the department has in place for supporting the career development of graduate students (e.g. support in building teaching portfolio, help in dossier preparation, mock interviews, internship opportunities, support for travel to conferences).

 Monitoring progress of individual students

Holders of the TAMUG Graduate Student Fellowships will submit an annual report outlining activities and progress, as well as identifying goals for the coming year. This report will go to the Director of Graduate Studies. The report will cover coursework and/or thesis/dissertation work, in addition to relevant professional experience such as publications and teaching. At the end of the second year there will be a formal review, based on course grades, and feedback from both the department leadership and the student’s adviser. It is anticipated that by this stage students will typically be at, or coming to, the end of their coursework and well on their way to a thesis/dissertation proposal. The reviews in each of the following years will rest primarily on the student’s report. Where necessary, the Director of Graduate Studies will follow up with the department to establish whether satisfactory progress is being made.

 Expected outcomes

The TAMUG Graduate Student Fellowship holders are expected to provide academic leadership among graduate students within their departments and be well-positioned for employment upon graduation. These students are expected to be academically successful and to distinguish themselves through publications, conference presentations, or other indicators of research success and future promise.

 Procedures for Nominating an Incoming Master’s or Ph.D. Student

Nominations are to be made by the applicant’s TAMUG Faculty advisor in consultation with the Head of the Faculty’s home department and the committee that makes admission decisions for the graduate program under consideration (either TAMUG or TAMU program).


Nominations should only be forwarded when clear commitment exists from a department to offer funding for one semester of teaching at TAMUG in each of the two years.

When multiple requests are submitted from one department, then the Department Head must rank order the individual nominees (e.g., “This student is ranked second of the three nominated by the department.”).

Departments should rank master’s students and Ph.D. students separately as their applications will be considered separately. In the case of MARB IDP students, the Department Head of the sponsoring Faculty will need to rank the student(s) with others in the same Department and offer the financial package.

Master’s students currently enrolled at TAMU or TAMUG are not eligible for Ph.D. Graduate Student Fellowships. These fellowships will only be available to students at the beginning of their graduate career at Texas A&M University or Texas A&M University at Galveston.

  Nomination packet

The nomination packet will consist of a letter of nomination from the sponsoring Faculty advisor as well as a letter of support signed by department head. The nomination letters must include:

  • An explanation of how the nominee meets the goals of the Fellowship (maximum of 5 applications per department; remember to rank the nominees if submitting more than one nomination).
  •  Details of the financial package that the department has offered the student (or will offer if the department has not yet sent out acceptance letters or financial offers). The department must be willing to offer the financial package to the student for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • A description of the mentoring program for student.
  •  A discussion of the student’s unique qualifications for this Fellowship
  • The student’s “Apply Texas” application, with transcripts, the student’s personal statement, CV, and applicable test scores. Also include all letters of reference submitted for the student.

  Nominations should be submitted to Nicole Kinslow ( no later than Wednesday March 12, 2014 at 5 PM. Please submit electronic files (PDF) only. A separate PDF file should be submitted for each nominee. The file name should include the student’s name (last name first) and the name of the department making the nomination (e.g., Jones, Margaret – MARB).

All complete dossiers received by or prior to deadline day will be evaluated by the Research Advisory Council, which will make funding recommendations and student rankings to the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. Sponsoring Faculty and departments will be notified of the final decision by Friday March 28, 2014.