Vehicle Rules and Terms of Use

TAMUG Graduate Students have access to the RGSO vehicle for appropriate uses, defined below. Any graduate student needing to use the vehicle may do so if their use falls into the range of uses defined below and they follow all standard operating procedures.

For questions, call or email Nicole Kinslow, (409) 740-4937 or

Acceptable Use of the RGSO Vehicle

Revised: 8/1/2013

  1. The primary purpose and use of the suburban shall be for travel directly related to class attendance in College Station. *
  2. Reservations for use related to class attendance shall get the highest priority
  3. Other acceptable uses include:*
    1. Travel to a conference in Texas, only if all criteria below are met:
      1. The vehicle has at least 4 passengers attending the conference; and
      2. Travel will be 4 days or less total; and
      3. At least 2 passengers are presenting at the conference
    2. Travel related to class attendance at TAMU but not in College Station, only if all criteria below are met:
      1. The field trip or attendance is required as part of the class; and
      2. It is a university-sponsored trip; and
      3. At least 2 people will be attending; and
      4. The faculty member from TAMU will be in attendance; and
      5. Travel will be 3 days or less
    3. Airport pick-up and drop-off, only if:
      1. Related to the REU program, or
      2. At least 4 TAMUG students will be flying out together
  4. Unacceptable uses for the Suburban*
    1. Research sampling
    2. Picking up supplies of any sort
    3. TAMUG class fieldtrips
    4. Conference attendance outside of Texas
    5. TAMUG class attendance outside of TAMUG campus

Special Circumstances

If you feel your request is not addressed in the guidelines above and you would like to request use of the vehicle, please email Nicole Kinslow at with your formal request, including all trip details (departure and return dates, destination, number of passengers, purpose of travel). Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Standard Operating Procedures of the RGSO Vehicle

Revised: 8/1/2013

  1. Students must reserve the RGSO vehicle at least 24 hours in advance of travel.
  2. Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. First priority will be given to use related to class attendance at TAMU College Station.
  4. Only drivers who been approved through RGSO shall be allowed to use the vehicle:
    1. Students must submit to a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check through the University Police Department every 3 years:
    2. Visit
    3. Cost for the MVR check and driving test is $7.50
    4. Payments shall be made through the Cashier’s Office to RGSO
  5. Upon successful check of the student’s Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), the student will be contacted by the University Police Department
    1. Student will then take the 15 passenger van test
  6. Upon completion of the 15 passenger van test student will provide the following:
    1. Copy of your Certificate of Completion from AlertDriving
    2. Copy of your current Driver’s License
    3. Copy of your current Car Insurance (new copies must be presented upon policy expiration)
  7. Driver will be responsible for the Suburban the entire time it is in their possession.
  8. Students are responsible for  the condition of the vehicle- all debris must be removed from the vehicle upon return, the vehicle should be full of gas and without damage upon return.
  9. Any damage, indicator lights, or incidents should immediately be reported to the Graduate Studies office in-person or by email to
  10. Any type of vandalism or abuse of the vehicle will be investigated by the University Police Department and dealt with as appropriate.
  11. Any traffic violations (moving or parking) are the sole responsibility of the student.
  12. At no time will alcohol or drugs be consumed or transported in a state owned vehicle. Any evidence of such will result in immediate revocation of use of the suburban. Any citations received will be the responsibility of the driver.
  13. If you are parking at TAMU College Station, the following lots are for your use while driving the RGSO suburban:
    1. Lot 48 (overnight parking is allowed)
    2. Lot 62 (overnight parking is allowed)
    3. 100 lots
  14. Fuel card privileges are to be used for fuel and oil products only. Itemized receipts are required for all fuel card purchases.
  15. Any violation of the above Standard Operating Procedures may result in the revocation of vehicle use privileges. 

 Any questions about the above Standard Operating Procedures should be directed to Nicole Kinslow at