Curricula and Lesson Plans

Local Examples of Curriculum/Lesson Plans

 Galveston Bay Information Center’s Teacher Packet  Grades K-12


Local Organizations with Lesson Plans

Artist Boat    Brochure    Curriculum Grades K-12

Katy Prairie Conservancy   Educational Programs

HEART (Help Endangered Animals-Ridley Turtles)


Subject Matter Curriculum 

Biology       Climate/Weather       Coastal/Marine Science        

Earth Science     Environmental Sciences        General Science          

Ocean Science 




List of all MetEd Modules    K-12 and the Public Grades K-12
Coastal Weather    Earth Gauge Grades 6-12    Hurricanes / Tropical    Hydrology / Flooding
Marine Meteorology / Oceans


Coastal/Marine Science

Canada's Oceans, Habitat and Enhancement Branch (OHEB)
Stewardship and Community Involvement (SCI) unit School Programs - Stream to Sea
Lesson Plans: Primary    Lesson Plans: Intermediate    Lesson Plans: Secondary

EARTH 911  

Earth Force    Local Offices & Partners - Texas - Resources

FORSEA: Institute of Marine Science    Teaching Guides  Grades K-12

4Empowerment    Science Grades K-12

Invasive Species - A Teacher's Guide Grades 6-8

National Marine Educators Association    BRIDGE  Grades K-12


Earth Science

Colorado Foundation for Water Education

Earth Day Network
Educator’s Network    Lesson Plans Grades K-12
Resources    National Civic Education Project (NCEP)

Educational Multimedia Visualization Center Downloads

4Empowerment    Science Grades K-12

Hands on the land    Hands-On Science    Lesson Plans and Activities Grades K-12

Maggie’s Earth Adventures Grades K-5

PBS    Journey to Planet Earth    Educational Resources    Teacher’s Guide Grades 6-12

Population Connection – Population Education - Earth Matters 2nd edition Grades 9-12

Project Wet    Publications & Products Grades K-12

Rainbird’s Explorations Into Water

Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences Grades K-12 Science as Storytelling Grades 6-12

The GLOBE Program For Teachers Training Materials Grades K-12

The Groundwater Foundation    Kids corner Grades K-12

W.W. Norton & Co.     Essentials of Geology   Grades 6-12

Wycombe High School - Physical Geography in Animation Grades 9-12


Environmental Sciences

Annenberg Media
Journey North    Teachers    Kids Grades K-12
Science Grades K-12
Habitable Planet   Content By Unit Grades 9-12

Barataria Terrebonne NEP  Spirit of the Estuary Grades 6-12

Education Index    Environmental Science Grades K-12

Edutopia    Teaching Modules    Go Green Database Grades K-12

EE Link    Teachers    Classroom Resources Grades K-12

Environmental Literacy Council
Subject Matter Modules    Science: Environment Modules    Environmental History Modules Grades K-12

Environmental Concern’s Education  Grades K-12
Wetlands on Wheels    WOW!: The Wonders Of Wetlands, an educator’s guide Grades K-12

Estuaries Live 

4Empowerment    Science Grades K-12

Hands on the land    Hands-On Science    Lesson Plans and Activities Grades K-12

National Association of Conservation Districts    Stewardship & Education    Education Resources Grades K-12

National Environmental Education Foundation -National Environmental Education Week

National Library of Medicine   Tox Town Grades K-12

Nature Net    Subject Based    Curriculum Based Grades K-12

Project WILD    Just for Educators    Curriculum & Resources Grades K-12

Web School of Science     Environmental Science   Grades 9-12

WET in the City    Curriculum & Resources Grades K-12

WVUE - New Orleans  Envirocast Grades K-12


General Science

Boating Safety Sidekicks Grades K-8

Boat Safe Kids  Grades K-8

Facing the Future     Curriculum     Educators   Grades K-12

Seeds of Science: Science Literacy    Curriculum Products Grades K-5

PBS Science Page

Science Net Links Grades K-12

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory Afterschool Science Resources Grades K-12

The Why Files - The Science Behind the News    Teacher Activities Grades K-12

Walden Media     Educator Guides


Ocean Science

Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence    Central Gulf of Mexico

Discovery of Sound in the Sea    Teacher Resources Grades K-12

Immersion Presents    About Us    Secrets of the Gulf Grades K-12

Jonathon Bird's Blue World Grades K-12

Marine Matters - Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands    Oceans Education - Lesson Plans Grades K-7

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute  Education & Research  Lesson Plans  Grades K-12

National Geographic
EdNet    Our Environment & Oceans for Life    Resources    Lesson Plans Grades K-12
Kids    Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure Movie Grades K-12

Oceans Live    Teachers Grades K-12 Kids

Ocean Tube: Ocean Science Animations Grades K-12

On the Cutting Edge 

Project Sea Camel: Classroom Aquarius -Marine Education Live    Science Modules Grades K-12


Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System    Virtual Waves Classroom Grades K-12

Think Deep. Ocean    Video Library Grades K-12

Whale Net    Teachers Grades K-12

 Galveston Bay Estuary Program. Estuary Ecotour: An interactive exploration of Galveston Bay. 2007. Please be patient. (mouse over link for more info).

 Galveston Bay Foundation. November 1996. The Science of Galveston Bay. Grades K-8

 The Nature Conservancy. 2005. Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes Curriculum Guide. 2nd edition. Grades K-5

 The Nature Conservancy. 2005. Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes Curriculum Guide. 2nd edition. Grades 6-12

 Brent P. Stafford. Galveston Bay Estuary System: An Educator’s Resource for Developing Bay-Related Curricula. Grades 6-12