Texas Coastal Erosion Data Network

Texas Coastal Erosion Data Network 

The Texas Coastal Erosion Data Network (TCEDN) is a web-based data center hosted by the Galveston Bay Information Centere with support from the Texas A&M Department of Oceanography in College Station and Texas A&M University at Galveston.

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Erosion is the process by which materials are removed from the surface and transported to another location, a natural process through wind and water movement. Today, there is a growing awareness of the urgency of the coastal erosion problem. Homes, public highways, recreational beaches, wetland habitat, oil and gas facilities and other commercial establishments along the coast are threatened by drastic shoreline retreat.

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Erosion: What happens during large weather events along the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Ike coastal erosion

2008 Hurricane Ike slams into the Texas Coast, causing large-scale erosion to coastal communities. This image shows houses and erosional barriers (geotubes) exposed to the surf after wind and waves swept away beach sand.