Audiovisual List

The following materials are available for use as a service of the Galveston Bay Information Center. 


Antidegradation policy: A means to maintain and protect existing uses and water quality

Audubon in Texas

Balancing Act

Christmas Bay and Armand Bayou Preserve

Coastal Ocean in crisis -- Science for solutions

COMPAS - NOAA's coastal ocean management planning and assessment system

Conflicting uses of Galveston Bay

The delicate balance of Galveston Bay

Development of water quality criteria and its relationship to water quality standards

Don't mess with Texas beaches

Economic considerations in water quality standards

Effects of litter on marine mammals

Endangered sea turtles

Fabulous wetlands

A fisherman's guide to a clean sea

Flower Garden Banks

For our children's children, lessons from the Chesapeake Bay

Galveston Bay ecosystem

The Galveston Bay Information Center

Galveston Bay: Multiple uses, hard sciences, and the art of management

The great Galveston hurricane of 1900

The Gulf of Mexico Program: Partnership for action

Hurricane's of the 1980's live on video

Introduction to water quality standards

Legislative history of Galveston Bay

Less is more: Pollution prevention is good business

Living off the coast: Settlers and exploitation of wildlife

Magnificent mammals of the sea: Celebration of species, a discussion of problems and present research

Major issues affecting Galveston Bay

Managing our coasts - A nation's perspective

Oil spills: Marine resources at risk

Oyster harvesting and conservation

Prehistory of the Texas coast

Priority watersheds: Wisconsin's approach to mending the land and its waters

Recycling: Reducing the bottom line

Reef romance: The Flower Gardens

Saltwater aquarium

Take pride Gulf wide

Texas brown shrimp

Texas Shores: Saving what's left

Turning the tide: Keeping pollution at bay

Water quality-based approach to pollution

Water quality standards and 401 certification

The wetland nightmare: Solutions for local government


Will Galveston Bay go down the drain?

Year of the Gulf: Musical science tour 1993


Galveston Bay aerial photograph collection (1930)

Galveston Bay aerial photography, November 1987


Slide and poster presentation : Christmas Bay and Armand Bayou