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Dr. Darren Domsky

assistant professor in philosophy
office:  CLB 125
phone: 409-740-4827
email:   domskydtamug.edu
Education history
B.A.  (Honors) University of Alberta 1996
M.A.  University of Alberta 1998
Ph.D. York University 2006
Areas of interest  
  • environmental ethics

  • ethics (moral theory, moral psychology, and meta-ethics)

  • bioethics
Recent courses
Environmental Ethics
Ethical Theory
Formal Logic
Selected recent and forthcoming publications
“Why Callicott’s Communitarian Environmental Ethic is not Holistic,” The Journal of Value Inquiry
“The Inadequacy of Ecological Communitarianism,” Environmental Ethics
“Tossing the Rotten Thing Out: Eliminating Bad Reasons not to Solve the Problem of Moral Luck,” Philosophy
“Keeping a Place for Meta-Ethics: Assessing Elliot’s Dismissal of the Subjectivism/Objectivism Debate in Environmental Ethics,” Metaphilosophy
“There Is No Door: Finally Solving the Problem of Moral Luck,” The Journal of Philosophy
“Evaluating Callicott’s Attack on Stone’s Moral Pluralism,” Environmental Values

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