Math Faculty

Maritime Studies (MAST)
Faculty and Staff
Department Information

Brown, Philip

Position: associate professor

Specializes in: complex analysis.


Gracia, Pete

Position: lecturer,full time

Kang, Cong X

Position: lecturer, full time

Specializes in: algebraic geometry


Luxemburg, Leon

Position: assistant professor

Specializes in: differential topology, artificial neural networks


Pangemanan, Adelaide

Position: Instructional Assisitant Professor

Specializes in: Mathematics


Qie Lin

Position: Instruction Assistant Professor

Specializes in: Mathematics


Suen, Ching-Yun

Position: professor

Specializes in: C*-algebra's and operator theory.


Shodavaram, Bhaskar

Position:  Lecturer

Speciality: Mathematics

Szucs, Joseph

Position: professor, interim department head

Specializes in: mathematical biology.

Yi, Eunjeong

Position: assistant professor, full time

Specializes in: complex analysis, graph theory