English Faculty



Maritime Studies (MAST)

Faculty and Staff

Department Information


Position: Instructional Assistant Professor

Specializes in: English

Curley, Stephen                

Position: professor     

Specializes in: cinema and literature of the sea.

Davis, Carol Bunch

Position: lecturer, full time      

specialize in: film, literature, and culture.

Djordjevic,  Dragena

Position: Assistant Professor    

Specializes: in English

Lang, Victor

Position: lecturer, part time

Specializes in: public speaking

Penuel, Vic

Position: lecturer, full time

Specializes in: teaching of writing.

Theis, David

Position: lecturer, part time

Specializes in: creative writing.

Traber, Daniel S.

Position: associate professor

Specializes in: American literature, popular culture, and rhetoric.

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