Sea Aggie Band Scholarship

Sea Aggie Band Scholarships

What is the Sea Aggie Band?

The Sea Aggie Band (SAB) is a growing concert band led by students of Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG).  It operates with oversight by a staff advisor who provides guidance to the student members to encourage the organization’s growth and success.

What is the purpose of SAB Scholarships?

To encourage participation in SAB, and to better ensure retention of the organization’s members, select members or future members of the band will be awarded a scholarship intended to defray the cost of school expenses such as tuition and books.

What are the qualifications for applying for a SAB Scholarship?

To receive one of these scholarships, you must be one of the band’s musicians and enrolled in TAMUG classes for the spring 2014 semester, including the non-credit “class” listing, Z-OPT 200 (band).  Note: enrolling in this class will NOT cause you to be enrolled in the Corps of Cadets. The band is however comprised of corps and non-corps students.

Z-OPT 200 is merely a class listing intended to limit the number of conflicts with other classes on campus, and generates no assignments, tests or tasks. No grade is recorded on a member’s college transcript.  

However, by virtue of joining this officially recognized TAMUG student organization (regulated in part by its constitution), and by virtue of accepting a Sea Aggie Band Scholarship, you must be, or plan to be actively involved in the band’s practices, work sessions, and concerts on a regular basis as judged by the student band leaders and the organization’s staff advisor.   With exceptions for emergencies or dire academic circumstances, members are expected to take into account their fellow musicians, and to participate in any practices and concerts to which they commit. One should plan ahead, and organize their personal life, work and school related activities to avoid these situations.

Complete the scholarship application below, and submit it by mail, email, or in person.

Mail scholarship applications to Mr. Wayne Bertrand, Sea Aggie Band Staff Advisor, P.O. Box 1675, Galveston, Texas 77553-1675.

E-mail applications to (please print, complete, scan, and attach the application to an e-mail).

Submit applications in person to Mr. Bertrand in his office located in Mariner Hall, Room 4213.

When should I submit the scholarship application?

Please submit scholarship applications to Mr. Bertrand as soon as possible. Due to timing, being awarded a scholarship prior to the spring 2014 semester is not guaranteed.  You can however join the band at any time before or after the start of the semester.

What are the scholarship details?

Non-Officer Scholarship ($ 600.00): Two offered at this time.

President Scholarship ($ 1000.00): None offered at this time.

Other officer scholarship ($ 800.00): None offered at this time.


If applying for a scholarship related to an officer’s position (for those times they are offered), please ask Mr. Bertrand for details. As a general rule, the following tasks and accomplishments will be asked of the officers;

President: Oversees all operations of the band, to include delegating tasks as appropriate, maintaining oversight of recruiting and scheduling of concerts, and on-going “maintenance” of the student organization constitution.

Vice President: Job duties being developed.

Secretary: Tracks and maintains files of all band business and events, including actions and accomplishments of other officers.  Maintains a file of band music, and an instrument inventory as supplied by the Operations / Logistics / Supply Officer.

Treasurer: Job duties being developed.

Operations / Logistics / Supply Officer: Ensures accomplishment of daily operations by facilitating daily access to band equipment, security of band equipment, movement of band members and equipment to and from concerts and practices, and maintenance of instruments. Ensures music and instrument inventory is up to date and provides this information to the Secretary for filing.

Public Relations:  Continually recruits band members using various methods (face to face such as occurs at Organizations’ Night at the beginning of the semester, mailings, emails, phone calls, etc). Ensures continued interest in band participation by scheduling social events for band members.

Historian: This job duty is under development, but might include documenting band activities  and concerts with photographs.  Forwards these photographs to the Secretary for filing.