Satisfactory Academic Progress Notification

Students who fail to meet minimum SAP standards are not eligible to receive financial aid. Students will be notified of the reason(s) for the loss of eligibility through a letter sent to the permanent address on file with the University as well as via the Scholarships & Financial Aid Portal. 

Students may appeal their ineligibility by providing information on extenuating circumstances, indicating what has changed to allow successful academic progress. However, the submission of an appeal is only a request and does not guarantee that scholarship or financial aid eligibility will be reinstated. The appeal must be submitted online through Click the My Finances tab and enter the Scholarships & Financial Aid Portal. The student should provide evidence of the extenuating circumstances that occurred. 

Students who graduate from Texas A&M University but do not meet Scholarships & Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress minimums will be denied aid eligibility for additional coursework taken at the same degree level (i.e. teacher certification or post-baccalaureate work), but may visit with a Scholarships & Financial Aid advisor to determine continuing eligibility. Academic progress for students beginning a new degree level (i.e. undergraduate to graduate or undergraduate to professional) will be evaluated based on coursework/performance at the new level.