Emergency University $1,000 Scholarship

General Information:

With each passing year, the cost of higher education continues to grow increasingly more expensive. Emergency University wants to help combat this rising cost by giving away $1000 to one worthy candidate. Follow the instructions listed below and you could get $1000.



1. Must be a graduating senior in high school, or a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college

2. We reserve the right to verify the date of high school graduation or college enrollment

3. Must not have any relationship to Emergency University or Emergency University employees


Application Process:

Create an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for ONE of the following scenarios that you might encounter in your college career:

1. Medical emergency at the gym

2. Medical emergency at a party

3. Medical emergency in the dorm

4. Medical emergency on the sports field/court

5. Medical emergency studying abroad

6. Medical emergency on Spring Break

7. Medical emergency in the classroom

How would you react in this scenario? Who should you contact for help? What training would you need in order to safety protect others involved? Highlight how you would communicate the Emergency Response Plan to those that would be involved. In what ways could you get people involved or "bought in" to the plan that you have created?

Submit your plan

1. Formulate your plan and make sure to proofread it before submission.

2. Send your ERP to scholarship@emergencyuniversity.com and include the following information in the body of your email: First Name, Last Name, Current School, Academic Standing as of Spring '14 (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.), and major (if applicable).

3. Format: Send only Microsoft Word document entries, with the file name "FirstName_LastName_MMDDYY". Only entries submitted in this format will be considered.

4. Complete this brief 5 question survey.

5. All steps must be accurately completed for consideration.



April 30, 2014


Additional Information: