American Indian Science and Engineering Society Scholarships

General Information:

At AISES, we invest more than just scholarship money into our students; we're investing confidence, trust and a  large community of support and encouragement for our students. Year after year, our AISES scholars bring potential and limitless possibilities for the future of STEM, each working towards advancing their impacts within their career fields for not only their families, their communities, their tribes and themselves, but advancing their capacity for impact on the broader world through their educational pursuits and community leadership.

Here at AISES, we are a universe of opportunities. Our students bring together a determination to lead and to impact. They choose to move fiercely forward in their educational journeys to learn and acquire new skills that will help them in meeting the ever-changing STEM needs of our communities.

We want you to determine your own sphere of influence within STEM and drive your potential with an AISES scholarship. We offer a diversified wide array of scholarship programs, each aimed at helping students like you to succeed within the field of STEM. From our very own A.T Anderson Memorial Scholarship to our travel scholarships to our AISES Google Scholarships, we've got you covered. Bring your potential and with an AISES scholarship, we'll elevate your opportunities!


Application Process:

To apply, go and choose a scholarship to begin the application process.



December 15, 2014


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