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General Information:

We were all born to parents of different nationalities and have lived in various countries while studying in various languages. Nevertheless, there is one common fact that makes us unique - all of us had or are having different troubles trying to get used to living in the USA.

Abroadplanet.com is a community, built by international students, for international students. Our primary intention is to help others who will take the same path.

Bringing International Students Together:

Abroadplanet.com is a registry-based site designed to help international students find each other and keep in touch. It has become an online community where current international students studying in the USA, alumni, and those who just intend to go there meet to exchange ideas, to share advice, to help each other, or just to get to know each other.

Join Now - the site is free to members and offers an array of useful resources for international students.

Help Us to Build Our Community:

We are in the process of building our community. There are internship positions for people who are interested in student content development.

Please contact us if you would like to become part of our team!


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