Guaranteed Tuition Plan


Beginning Fall 2014, Texas A&M University at Galveston is implementing a mandatory tuition and fees model for all new undergraduate students entering the university. Graduate Students are excluded. This provides predictability for students and their families by locking in their expected charges for the length of their program if they graduate on time. This also incentives the students to graduate in 4 years and it simplifies the overall tuition and fees of the university. 

Excluded Charges

The guaranteed rate excludes field trip charges, study abroad, distance education differential tuition, laboratory fees and other non-mandatory fees. These exclude charges would be in addition to the guaranteed rates. Also institutional room and board, books and supplies and other non-academic cost are excluded. 

Incoming Freshman

All new incoming freshman, both full-time and part-time, will be required to pay the guaranteed tuition and fees rate, based on residency. This rate is valid for the time period specified from the date of entry. After that time period, the rate is subject to increase to the rate for new students entering at that time. 

New Transfer Students

Any new transfer student in Fall 2014 will have a guaranteed rate based on what they first enrolled in higher education in Texas. So a student who had enrolled in Fall 2012 would have the same costs as a U3 (Junior Level) student and be guaranteed for two years. Texas A&M University at Galveston will provide new transfer students an option to select the same rate as freshman with a four year guarantee as many transfer students take longer to complete than expected based on the number of hours transferred and applied to their degree program. 

Stop-Outs and Readmits

Students who leave Texas A&M University at Galveston for a regular semester (excluding summer) and then return through readmission would be able to opt into the rate and time period for new students or retain their original rate and time period. The time period is a continuous clock regardless of whether the student maintains continuous enrollment. 

Appeals for Extenuating Circumstances

The university recognizes there are extenuating circumstances that may warrant an extension of the time period or changes in the rate structure. The University continues to operate a Fiscal Appeals Panel and would address appeals for extenuating circumstances relating to the guaranteed plans, including for situations involving military activation, disabilities as verified through disabilities services or other unusual circumstances. 

Excess Hours and Repeat Course Rules

The guaranteed rate does not preclude the university from charging a higher rate to students who have exceeded the excess credit hour cap imposed by the state or who repeat a course for the third time. 

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