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Congratulations to our new Divemasters!

Dm photo

Jacque Cresswell, Vianne Euresti, Gary Maale, Tyler Winkler and Victoria Zambrano have achieved the prestigious title of NAUI Divemaster.
Becoming a NAUI Divemaster is the first step into the leadership side of professional diving. These students have made a decision to put the needs of less experienced divers above their own in order to promote and enhance the safety of the sport.

If you see one of our new divemasters around campus (most likely sporting their newly earned and highly coveted red beanie) please give them a “Hoo-yah Deep Sea”

The Dive Program is excited to announce a new minor in DIVING TECHNOLOGY AND METHODS!!!

open water training fall 13

In order to graduate with the minor you need to take 16 credits of the following classes.

Course Title



Certifications  Achieved

Open-water Training Location

Semester Offered

SCUBA I (MAST 110/ KINE 199)


NAUI Open Water Diver

Texas Lakes

Fall, Spring, Summer

Advanced Diver (MAST 120/ KINE 199)


NAUI Advanced SCUBA   Diver

NAUI Nitrox Diver

Florida offshore and   springs

Fall, Spring

Rescue Diver (MAST 330)


NAUI Advanced Rescue   Diver

First   Aid/CPR/AED/Emergency O2 Administration

Texas Lakes

Fall only

Introduction to Scientific Diving (MARB 345/616)


AAUS Scientific   Diver Rating, NAUI Master SCUBA Diver, NAUI Nitrox Diver, NSS/CDS Cavern   Diver

Texas Lakes and bayous

Spring only

Methods in Research Diving (MARB 350/617)


Florida offshore and   caverns

Summer intercessional…two weeks between spring commencement and Summer I

Tropical Marine Ecology (MARB 340)



Akumal, Mexico

Summer I or II

Industrial Diving Orientation


NAUI Industrial Diving Orientation

TBD based on opportunities per semester including class, dive club, and research trips.

Spring only

Introduction to Diving Leadership- Divemaster   (MAST 357)


NAUI Divemaster

Fall only

Dive Instructor (MAST 457)


NAUI Instructor

Fall only

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Vintage dive gear at Moody Gardens Aquaruim

This weekend, Oct.19&20th, members of the TAMUG Dive Program and the Cambrian Foundation Historical Dive Team will be doing an interactive educational outreach program for patrons of the Moody Gardens Aquarium in Galveston, Texas.

Visitors will be able to see and talk to divers wearing a variety of vintage and modern surface supply and open-circuit diving units including a WWII vintage US NAVY MK V, US NAVY lightweight diving mask (Jack Brown), US NAVY MK 21/ Superlight 17B, EXO BRMS/ EXO26, and an assortment of aqualung single and two stage double hose regulators. Diving demonstrations will take place all day in the penguin exhibit and Caribbean tank; we look forward to seeing you there!

aga diver


New Class for Spring 2014: Industrial Diving Orientation

Look for this new course in the spring as a MAST 489, as of Spring 2015 it will be MAST 321

Instructor: Terrence Tysall

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Employ scientific, commercial, and military style diving equipment and techniques; practice tasks associated with the commercial, scientific, and military styles of diving; demonstrate an essential understanding of scientific, commercial and military dive planning and execution

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Illustrates the realities of operating in the scientific, commercial and military diving disciplines; Practice real world training scenarios involving multiple aspects of each of the three fields


Gear Night at the Pool!

Join us for one of our many gear nights throughout the semester to try out surface supply, doubles, DPV, stage bottles and spare air bottles.

Rachel 17BRachel DPV
























MK V Experience Update

Jake MK V viewport

The Dive Program is excited to announce that the MK V experience program will grow this semester. The Cambrian Foundation has agreed to help support the program which will enable us to do public demonstrations utilizing this historical piece of diving equipment. We have invited members of the Army 627th Heavy Dive Team to join us at the Moody Gardens Aquarium to participate in our first public demonstration.

Special thanks to Paul Schenk and his team for supporting this program and our students!

Here are the upcoming MK V Experience dates:
Sept. 20-22  Basic Training
Oct. 11-13  Refresher Training for MK V core team
Oct. 18-20 Public Demonstration at Moody Gardens Aquarium with special guests the 627th Heavy Dive Team
Dec.6-8  Public Demonstration at Dickens on the Strand
Jan. 31-Feb. 2  Basic Training

Historic Enrollment for the Fall 2013 Semester!

We are excited to announce that all SCUBA classes for the Fall Semester are full and have waiting lists, including our newest class Rescue Diver. I understand this announcement is not so exciting to those of you who could not enroll in SCUBA this semester but it is definitely a milestone for the Dive Program.  To accommodate the growing interest in our program we have increased the cap in each class and have opened an additional SCUBA I section. Between SCUBA I, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster the program is scheduled to train 76 divers this semester.

Summer 2013 Update

Vintage Dive Gear Display

dive displayLast fall the TAMUG Dive Program began receiving vintage pieces of dive gear for a history of diving display. So far we have had two very generous donations sent. The first was from Mike Bunst who donated a dazzling variety of antique dive gear. The second donation comes to us from Mrs. Sue C. Wyly, in memory of her husband Mr. Ben F. Wyly, a former Houston area commercial diver and US NAVY UDT veteran. From his estate we received two surface supply air hats. Thank you so much for the donations.

Pilot Continuing Education Dive Class a huge success!

The Diving program ran its first continuing education class in May/June. Under the instruction of Terrence Tysall, three students are now full Cave Divers. Congratulations to Lindy Arbuckle, Jake Emmert, and Victoria Zambrano!

Training the next generation of Team Zissou!

This summer the Dive locker staff supported the university’s Sea Camp through informative talks and gear demonstrations and by holding Try Scuba. This allowed kids to get in dive gear and see what is like to breathe underwater. The kids and our staff really enjoyed this summer activity.

Seacamp try scuba



Family Day at the Ocean Star Museumocean star

In July members of the TAMUG dive team participated in the Ocean Star Museum’s Family Day. The topic of the Day was Rigs to Reefs. As volunteer divers for this program we were able to educate the public on the type of research done on oil platforms turned in to artificial reefs and their ecological importance. We brought various forms of dive gear from vintage double hose regulators and a Jack Brown to modern diving gear including a Superlight 17B hard hat, and EXO BRM. Museum patrons were suited up the dive gear to better understand the challenges of working underwater.


NMFS Camera Array recovered!

In July members of the TAMUG Dive Program and the Cambrian Foundation participated in dive operations to help recover a 500lb camera array lost in 226’ of water 40mi off the coast of Corpus Christi. Terrence Tysall and Lindy Arbuckle made up the bottom team who were tasked with the job of finding and securely rigging the array so that it could be recovered. The support divers for this mission, Chad Worcester and Vianne Euresti, were critical to the safety of the bottom team. They carried extra gas and communicated between the boat and the divers below. Special thanks to the boat crew Captain Darrell Walker, Captain Mike Shetler and Dr. Julia O’Hern, contracted through Blue Star Marine, who used their expertise to not only deploy and recover the divers safely but to do it in a way that required very little time on the bottom searching. Another thanks goes out to the 627th Heavy Dive Team for providing Chamber Support.  A lot of logistical support was required to carry out this joint mission so thanks to Lt. Jamie Park. John Embesi, NMFS Labs in Pascagoula and Stennis, MS, Cambrian Foundation, NOAA Dive Program, and Flower Garden Banks NMS for their support. Congratulations to all those involved. The equipment was picked up and taken back to the NMFS Stennis Lab, where it will be refurbished and repaired for future use.

camera array.jpg

Summer Research Supported by the Program

It has been a busy research season, and an exciting one for TAMUG students who were sent out into the field to support underwater research. This summer the TAMUG dive Program was able to supply students on repeated cruises aboard the R/V Manta to help with NOAA Flower Garden Banks NMS long term monitoring and ROV missions. Once a month, TAMUG decompression and trimix divers were able to support the Texas Parks and Wildlife Artificial Reef study.  TAMUG Divemasters were sent to support the NOAA Down Under Out Yonder Teachers Cruise as dive leaders aboard the M/V Fling. Cenote research in the Yucatan was carried out by TAMUG cave divers.