MAST 110/ KINE 199

Co-enrollment in both MAST 110 and KINE 199 are required. MAST 110 is the lecture portion of the class and KINE 199 is the lab portion.


Begin your adventure into the deep with NAUI Open Water. This class is the starting step to learning how to live under the waves. In this class, students learn the basic skills needeDCboysd to dive. Our program is tailored to create a self-sufficient diver. With two lecture times a week and a pool lab once a week, students are given ample time to successfully fulfill all requirements for the semester final. This final is a trip to a local lake to display all the skills learned through the semester. Completing this class will leave you with a thirst for the water and open your eyes to a whole new world… unda da sea.

Required Materials

  • NAUI Open Water Packet
  • DAN Diving Insurance (or equivalent)
  • Underwater Timing Device
  • Knife
  • Slate
  • Whistle
  • Wetsuit (recommend at least 5mm, 7mm is best) Can be rented for open water training
  • Mask
  • Fin
  • Booties
  • Snorkel

Certifications Received When Completed

  • NAUI Open Water